Random Story Facts-Part 3-names!

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Random Story Facts-Part 3-Names! is here!

This is the final segment of the Random Story Facts I have for Book 1 of my YA medieval Christian fantasy series, In the Shadow of Emerald Fire: The Lost King’s Daughter!

In one sense, it’s kinda bittersweet to have this come to a conclusion, as there won’t be any more random story facts written-at least regarding The Lost King’s Daughter! And it seemed fairly appropriate to end this segment with a discussion about Names because it is a topic I particularly love when it comes to books! I love names, and I love the meanings of names. So, I wanted to provide you a little more insight into how I chose the names I did for my first book and whose name I chose first.

Perhaps you’ve already guessed which name I focused on, but I’ll let you read on to see if you’re right! (I’m sure you are! ; ) ).

I hope you enjoy!

What do you think?

What do you think of my method of naming my characters? Interesting? Boring? Typical? How do you go about naming your characters…if you’re a writer? Or what do you think of names…if you’re a reader? As a reader, are names particularly important to you, or do you care much about them?

Why are names so important to you as the author?

I think names are more of interest to me because, while I personally love unique names for characters, I don’t like my characters to have overly unique names. Why? I find it bothers me to have to read a character’s name that is too hard to pronounce. For myself, it disrupts the story a bit too much. I lose the gist of what I’m reading and focus too much on the character’s overly unique name, all while continuing to uselessly wonder if I’m pronouncing the name right and/or, at the same time, mostly being annoyed by the fact that I can’t pronounce it. Does this resonate with you?

All that being said, I was a bit concerned my main character’s name would be a bit too unique, but I hope in the long-run this hasn’t been the case. I know fantasy tends to employ names that are quite unique. Thus, I wanted my characters’ names to carry a fantastical feel while not going over the top. I hope I managed to balance that for you: give you a unique experience without overwhelming you when you read characters’ names!

As the author, do you pronounce your characters’ names correctly?

Short answer: no! LOL. I pronounce my characters’ names oftentimes the way I want, and you are more than welcome to do the same! I still call Finockt FINN-OCKT rather than FINN-NICHT.

I had a reader tell me that the correct way to pronounce her name was the preferred pronunciation. Haha. I have to watch myself when I visit with her! It’s hard! I almost always end up pronouncing it wrong because, for years, I didn’t know the right way to say it! Old habits die hard. 🙂

Please know, I won’t be offended if you pronounce any of my characters’ names in my book in your own way! Although, I can’t promise I won’t flinch if you choose a super unique way and you say it in front of me. Hahahaha. But I’ll try not to!

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Random Story Facts will continue in future with Book 2-The Heir available now on Amazon! I’m hoping to list it soon on my website store as well!

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Until next time…hope you enjoy the bliss of sleep or of a brand new morning wherever you may be! God bless xoxo

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