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Dear Friend,

Are you interested? I decided to post this on a whim. I actually received a notification from Realm Maker’s regarding this award they are putting together-but it’s for readers only! Yay, you! : )

What’s Realm Maker’s?

If you’re not familiar with Realm Maker’s, it’s a Christian fantasy/fiction community that has some friendly competitions (Realm Maker’s Awards for Book Cover-which I entered this year and made the long list! Now I’m just waiting to see if The Lost King’s Daughter makes the short list! We’ll see what happens! I’ll try and post this soon so you can see it!)! They also have a neat writer’s conference, typically held in July!

What’s the Realm Maker’s Reader’s Choice Awards?

It’s a chance for you, as the reader, to nominate up to 3 Christian fantasy and/or speculative fiction books and then vote on the results!

No pressure, but if you would like to nominate The Lost King’s Daughter I would be thrilled! It does have to be a book you’ve actually read, and when you end up voting on the finalists chosen by Realm Maker’s (this is a 2-step process-see below!), then you can see how far The Lost King’s Daughter goes! It may actually win! Haha. That is, if it gets chosen in the first place! If not, no worries! It’s just something to have fun with! : )

Briefly, what are the rules to enter?

You can nominate The Lost King’s Daughter up until May 15th! You do not have to nominate 3 books to enter, but the same book cannot be entered 3x! haha. Wouldn’t that be nice?! Wink. Wink. LOL.

What happens next?

The first round of finalists will be chosen, and you can see if The Lost King’s Daughter made it! If Book 1 did, then you can vote (1x only per person!) anytime between May 21-June 7th for The Lost King’s Daughter to move on to be a finalist! After that, you’ll vote for the winner June 10-24th!

Are you interested?!

Are you interested in nominating The Lost King’s Daughter? Go here and read the official rules as well as submit your entry for Realm Maker’s Reader’s Choice Awards! Hurray!

Thank you so much for letting me share this with you today! And thank you in advance for your consideration of The Lost King’s Daughter for this award!

Until next time…to God be the glory, great things He hath done! Take care, xoxo

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