Book 2’s Trailer is out!

Dear Friend,

Book 2’s Trailer is out!

I very much enjoyed finding the photos and piecing this trailer together, as well as writing the copy for each clip! I will say, I nearly went insane trying to sync the music. It took me a long, long time to sync it to my satisfaction, which involved a lot of tweaking, mistakes, wasted time, and then finding out the simplest and easiest way to sync it: one clip at a time. Although, I might still experiment with some other options when I have more time! ; )

Can I watch it?

Yes! You should be able to! I did create the rest of my book trailer on Instagram, meaning I utilized their music options for my trailer. You can find the link to my account on Instagram** here. Or just use it to check out my Instagram handle: @adgermanbooks and follow me for additional random things I share; however, I try to keep everything similar across my sites. So, in all likelihood, if you aren’t into social media, you’ll most likely find everything you’re looking for right here! 🙂

**Disclaimer: usually for Instagram, even if you don’t have an account with them, you can watch public accounts like mine maybe once or twice before it asks you to log in!

If you have any issues, just click off of the “log in” pop-up window, go to the reels button (middle gray one that looks like a little video with a sideways triangle), and then click the first video on the far left! The trailer should pop up for you this way, and you can listen to the music and rewatch the video however many times you would like! Yay!

Also, when you’re watching the trailer, you have to keep the sound on because the music is literally what makes this trailer…well, neat! I love the music. But as you already know, I’m a huge Celtic fan and love this type of music; I grew up on it. So, for me, it’s just synonymous with nostalgia and good memories! If Celtic music’s not your cup of tea, the trailer will still be a good watch on mute!

I hope you enjoy it, and it excites your anticipation for the next segment of Finockt’s story!

Until next time…God bless, and may you enjoy the beauty of the day or night wherever you may be! xoxo

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