The Heir is Available Now!

Dear Friend,

The Heir is Available Now!

After all these months of preparation, planning, throwing plans to the wind, replanning, sweating it, and leaving it in God’s hands, I can’t believe I can actually fully share Book 2 with you TODAY! Hooray!

Finockt can’t wait to be a part of your world again! And take you on another grand adventure! Join her as she navigates the Highlands, is swept under by the enemy, and strives to stay alive in order to seat the heir on Thorlóthlon’s throne! Having you along for the ride will make her more confident I’m sure, and the dangers of her quest won’t seem as bad with another friend alongside her! I hope that friend is you!

Please know that without you by my side as well, none of this would be possible…well, in quite the same way! I’d still be a writer. I’d still publish. But having kindred spirits makes this all the more worth while. You give more purpose to my life. How? Because your enjoyment of Finockt’s story gives me even more encouragement to complete this fantasy trilogy. It makes me believe that living in my imagination, as I have all these years, really is a gift from the Lord, its use meant to glorify Him. I never thought I could use my imagination for the Lord. How would I ever go about doing that? Is that even possible? Writing certainly never really came to mind, and it certainly never seemed like an option. It was for the dreamer, not someone who was “realistic.”

But I’ve always been a dreamer. It’s what I do best! Daydreaming was my favorite pastime and was part of the reason why I devoured books so much! Anything that could sweep me away!

I hope I have somehow been able to achieve this for you! I truly hope The Lost King’s Daughter swept you away, and I hope you find its sequel-The Heir-just as appealing! I can’t wait to see what you think of it!

If you’re ready to join the second leg of Finockt’s adventure, grab it on Amazon here!

Until next time, dear friend…thank you for taking this journey with me! You are my kindred spirit, and I’m excited to see where this secret grand adventure takes us! God bless, and again, I sincerely hope you enjoy the continuation of Finockt’s quest! Take care xoxo

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