Random Story Facts-Part 3-Inspiration for the necklace!

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Random Story Fact-Part 3-Inspiration for the necklace!

Finockt’s that is!

This necklace’s inspiration is one that has been near and dear to my heart for a very long time. I confess, it’s been neat to be able to weave a tangible memory into my debut novel in a way I never imagined I would! I didn’t set out to make the cross pendant necklace the focal point of Finockt’s story. It just kinda morphed into that. I needed something for her to prize and keep hidden. So, I had to think what would she need to harbor close to her heart so that it would become an item most coveted by the enemy? What item would make her unique and stand out to a potential villain? And what would that one item’s significance be to make it a coveted object?

So, the idea was born… but in truth, there are many more details surrounding the origins of this story and how it came about! However, ’tis best I save those truths for a little further into the future.

Right now, I’ll hold my tongue (and my pen!) and let you peruse number four of Random Story Facts-Part 3-Inspiration for the necklace!

I hope you enjoy!

What do you think?

Does knowing where the inspiration for Finockt’s cross pendant help build a better connection for you to the story? Or, as the reader, does this matter to you? Do you feel like it gives better insight into the design of Finockt’s cross pendant and create a better visual on what her pendant looks like? Or better yet, would you have rather not had a visual on the necklace and maintained your own imagined version of Finockt’s cross pendant?

I confess, I’m a mix of the two! I like knowing where authors pull their inspiration, however, I also prefer maintaining my own version of how a story unfolds and what the objects contained within look like. In the end, perhaps you’re the same?

Stay tuned…

The last Random Story Fact for Part 3 is coming soon! Catch up on number one here, number two here, and number three here!

Plus, get ready for the adventure to continue with Book 2-The Heir! So much abounds in the sequel to my YA medieval Christian fantasy series, In the Shadow of Emerald Fire! Read more about Book 1 here!

If you’ve already read Book 1-The Lost King’s Daughter and can’t wait for Book 2-The Heir, keep an eye out, as I’ll be posting very soon a little more about what Book 2 entails in a countdown to The Heir’s release! If you’d like to read Book 1-The Lost King’s Daughter, find it on Amazon or at my store! Happy reading!

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