A+ Content on Amazon

Dear Friend,

A+ Content on Amazon is finally here! Hooray!

What is this?

A+ Amazon Content is a fun, neat way to “dress up” The Lost King’s Daughter’s page on Amazon! I’ve had my eye on creating a (hopefully) eye-catching and pleasing way to tell more of Finockt’s story in a quick, clear way on Book 1’s Amazon page for about a year now. I’d heard a lot of authors talking about how this helps share with you all yet another concise insight into Finockt’s story. So, finally, after all this time, I was actually able to do it! It’s a lengthier process than I realized!

Why do you say it’s a process?

Not only did I have to create something appealing (again, hopefully!), but then I had to submit my graphics I’d created and they had to go through the review process with Amazon itself before they allowed publication of the graphics to The Lost King’s Daughter’s page! This took over 7 days!

It was a little bit of a nail-biter, simply for the reason that there were/are so many rules and guidelines that I had to adhere to before I could submit. So, I was a little uncertain whether Amazon would approve of my pictures and details, as well as the words.

So, what does it look like?!

Eeeeek! Okay, I’ll give you a sneak peek! Here you go!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Do you love it?! I hope you do!

What does the rest of it say?!

Yes, you’re right! There’s more! What you see here is not the end of the intro! There are 2 additional tiles to complete this quick summation of my book! If you really want to see the full-fledged layout, check out The Lost King’s Daughter’s Amazon page here!

Will you be doing the same type of thing for The Heir?

Absolutely! I’m actually working on it now! I’ll just be super honest haha…I have a tendency to think things look really pretty when in fact they look really gaudy. LOL. (It actually makes me kinda afraid to decorate my own place!). So, I’m more or less back to square one on the A+ Amazon Content for The Heir because I showed my mom the last tile I created and she was like, eh, no! Too much! HAHAHAHHAHAAHA! I was like oops! Okay, not aesthetically pleasing. Back to the drawing board!

So this is where I am currently! In the process of trying to find other pictures to better represent The Heir! Maybe I could show you some tiles and let you pick which ones you like the best?! Would you enjoy doing that? Let me know if you would by emailing me at contact@adgermanbooks.com. If you let me know, I’ll post some pics, and you can help me choose! Otherwise, if this isn’t something that you find you want to participate in, I’ll just surprise you! : )

Today’s post was just short and sweet! I hope you all are enjoying the start of your summer, and that you’re looking forward to all the fun, neat things you’ll get to do over the next few months! It’s always great to have a break from school!

What’s next?

I plan on posting some of my favorite quotes/passages from The Heir! And maybe starting up another Random Story Facts segment! I also will be posting an update about the GHC’s Christmas in July Giveaway this year! So get ready for this! I’m suuuuper excited about the Giveaway this year! I hope you’ll enter once you see what all I’m putting together! I’m really excited about it, but honestly, I’m super excited about anything that has to do with writing and Books 1 & 2 and Giveaways! You all get me excited as well! I’m glad we can enjoy this journey together!

Okay, dear kindred spirit, until next time…I hope you’re enjoying a bit of sunshine and warm weather as you prepare to say good-bye to school and hello to an amazing summer! God bless xoxo

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