Random Story facts-Part 3-Finockt’s Red hair!

Random Story Fact Part 3

Dear Friend,

Random Story Facts-Part 3-Finockt’s Red hair is an interesting one in my opinion!

What started as a very unique trait for my main character slowly became a “thing of the past,” to my chagrin. Why? Well, I don’t want to spoil your fun by revealing the reasons already, so I’ll keep all that to myself!

Scroll down to uncover some very interesting facts about why Finockt came to have red hair!

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Were you surprised?

Did you completely guess every reason why I made Finockt have red hair? Or did some of the reasons give you a shock? What was your favorite discovery when reading through these random facts on this particular story topic?

What’s next?

Lots of things! I’m eager to share with you the last two Story Facts and give you a sneak peek at the opening chapter of Book 2-The Heir! Book 2 is so very different than Book 1, it’s almost hard for me to describe it! I guess you’ll just have to read it for yourself to find out what I mean! ; )

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Miss the first two Random Story Facts?

Read Part 3’s story facts: find number one here and number two here.

Until next time…thank you for checking out this Random Story Facts segment. God bless, and I’ll look forward to meeting with you again soon xoxo

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