Book 2’s Publishing Process!

Book 2 publishing process!
Book 2 Publishing Process!

Dear Friend,

Whew! It’s been a bit since I’ve updated you regarding Book 2’s Publishing Process! I hold my breath each time I think of publishing The Heir, if only for the fact that I feel like it’ll never come together! And yet, it is coming together…fairly swimmingly! That’s all thanks to your prayers! I’ve seen God work in so many different ways and bring things to mind that I might not otherwise have considered had you not been praying for me. God has thus saved me a bunch of small headaches because of this. I’m very grateful for His hand over this whole process. It is very humbling to see He cares even in this aspect of my life.

So what have I been doing?

Honestly, I’ve just been passing drafts back and forth, back and forth, with my formatter! For those who might be more interested in the process of writing and publishing, I’m hoping to get the Writer’s Nook up and going! It’s fascinating to see the behind-the-scenes of what all goes into pulling a book together and finalizing it for publication. I anticipate that many of you might actually be very interested in this aspect as well. I can’t make any promises, but I am hoping I might very well be able to begin sharing about this come summer 2024! If you have specific questions you’d like me to answer, just email me ahead of time, and I’d love to help you out as much as I can!

Why aren’t you done yet?

Full confession…my fault! haha. But, as I mentioned before, if not for your prayers, this would be a bigger disaster, and I wouldn’t even be this close to publishing! There are so many little things I’d overlooked in my manuscript, despite countless hours of poring over each phrase and word and sentence until I literally thought I might go crazy!

Once all these things were corrected and squared away, I thought to myself, “this is it! I’m done. We’re moving on to finishing the paperback covers! Yay!” And that’s when I got a little nudge telling me, “you better spell check your entire manuscript one more time.” I did…and I was SO grateful! There were so many little mistakes!! Yikes! But thankfully, I got to use my free edits with the formatter and correct them all! 🙂

Then, the last draft arrived. Draft #7. I was like: This is it. I’d gotten all the spell check edits done in draft #6, as well as a formatting issue, and so when #7 arrived, I felt good. This was the one I was going to improve so I could get the process moving forward. And then I got a little OCD over one small detail on my last draft I got back (#7). It was a slight mistake that I couldn’t let go of. I tried, but I couldn’t. So, I sent back my request to have it tweaked. If I hadn’t done that, I’d be moving on to the paperback covers right now! BUT, these will soon be in progress anyway, and seeing as I’ve been patiently waiting this long, I figured it’s important to just let it stand and try to provide you with a Book 2 that I can wholly back without reservation.

Are you ever going to pick a release date?

Yes! I promise! Haha. I know I mentioned Spring 2024! In my mind’s eye, I foresee The Heir as being published in April!! I hope this rings true! I know I keep saying this, but I will continue to keep you posted. I’m excited to share Finockt’s continuing journey with you. I hope you’re as excited as I am to see what happens next!

Haven’t joined the adventure yet?

Start with Book 1, The Lost King’s Daughter! Available at Amazon or my website store! If you live local, find it for free at either of these local libraries and their sister libraries: Dayton Metro Library or New Carlisle Public Library.

In closing, thanks for visiting with me to learn more about Book 2’s Publishing Process! I’ll let you know how the paperback covers are coming along as soon as I have word! And stay tuned for the continuation of Random Story Facts Part 3!

Until next time…may God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you! God bless xoxo

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