The Great Homeschool Convention-2024!

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Great Homeschool Convention-2024!

Another exciting year is upon us, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share The Lost King’s Daughter with new and veteran readers alike!

When will you arrive?

I’ll be driving in to Cincinnati, Ohio, earlier in the day tomorrow in order to prepare for the Thursday night shopping spree the convention gives every year! This is an exciting but hectic time, as I battle to get my booth all fancied up for your arrival. I love being creative, however; so, while a bit stressful, it’s still fun to “set the table” and decorate the back curtain with my fabric posters. Yes! Posters! That’s plural! God was so incredibly good to me in that I was able to order a preliminary fabric poster of The Heir literally just in time. And when I say literally…it was literally! It arrived Monday!

What will you have to share with me at the Convention?

The Lost King’s Daughter will be available in paperback for purchase at a reduced price! And Book 2-The Heir is coming soon! Eek! I’m super stoked about this!! While Book 2 is arriving a little later than I’d preferred, I’m trusting that God has His reasons and that when The Heir is finally released into your hands, it will be at a time when God knows you will be able to enjoy it the most! You’ll have to tell me if this pans out for you in this way! I’m hoping and praying it does!

But in the meantime, if you are an ebook lover and want a new addition to your kindle, check out the preorder available for The Heir! This is the first time I’ve ever done a preorder, and I’m actually quite excited about it! If you’ll be at the GHC, stop by my booth and pick up a cool bookmark with all the necessary QR codes to get you set up for ebook delivery of The Heir to your kindle!

I can’t make the convention, but I still want to participate in the preorder!

No problem! Use the QR code below to access Amazon and place your preorder today! The Heir will then be delivered to your kindle April 30th, 2024! Yay!! 🙂

In Conclusion

Are you new to me and my debut novel, The Lost King’s Daughter? I hope you will stop by and introduce yourself and peruse everything there is about Book 1, as well as read snippets of what other readers loved best about The Lost King’s Daughter as well as what readers and reviewers have been saying about Finockt’s story!

If you’d like to still join Finockt’s adventure, but you can’t make it to the GHC, you can meet Finockt here on Amazon or my website store (free shipping!)! If you live local, you can also read my book for free at the Dayton Metro Library (as well as several of its sister libraries), or check out New Carlisle Public Library, which also services the Troy and Tipp City areas!

And keep your eyes peeled! I’ll be posting again soon to share with you the actual release date for the paperback version of The Heir! Eeek! I’m geeking out right now! Can’t wait!!

Until next time…I hope to see you on the morrow! God bless xoxo

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