The Great Homeschool Convention-2024-Update!

Dear Friend,

I am eager to share with you a Great Homeschool Convention-2024-update!

I was so grateful for the opportunity to attend as a vendor again this year! And I was so incredibly fortunate as to meet a whole slew of amazing readers and their families, as well as to have the privilege and pleasure of reuniting with those wonderful and amazing readers I met last year when I was a vendor at the GHC for the very first time!

What did you love best about the GHC?

Honestly, meeting you all was truly the highlight of the convention! I loved chatting with you about where you come from, what your interests are, and just chatting about life in general, writing, hobbies, ancestry, and, of course, books, The Lost King’s Daughter included! : ) I met so many amazing kindred spirits, it made my heart soar!

In this world today, it’s easy to feel lost amongst the noise and darkness of our current society, and finding a true kindred spirit is like the proverbial needle in a haystack! Yet, in attending the GHC, I was completely uplifted by the beauty of your quiet spirits, your inner light of Christ, and the sweetness of your company in general. It was such an incredible blessing to be reminded that I’m not alone!

What else did you love about the GHC?

I loved meeting those of you from last year’s GHC in-person again this year and better putting together a face with a name! I am thrilled that so many of you fell in love with Finockt’s story, and I’m so grateful you took the time to stop by and share with me, personally, your love and enthusiasm for The Lost King’s Daughter, as well as your eager anticipation of the release of The Heir! That was beautiful music to a writer’s ear!

How did you accomplish this?

In truth, I didn’t! I’d started and never finished so many different manuscripts over the years that the fact I’d even completed this novel is a testimony to the Lord’s hand in my life! I give Him all the credit and glory for any reader’s love for Finockt’s story because it’s just another reminder to myself and to everyone else, that God is the One Who gives the ability to mankind to accomplish anything at all. This is something we can never take credit for. Regardless of how small or large the success may be, it all comes from Him! And I would be totally and completely remiss if I didn’t point you back to Him as the sole source of my inspiration and weaving of words! I’m always elated, thrilled, and completely grateful to hear how much you enjoyed The Lost King’s Daughter, for it is always a special reminder to me of God’s continual grace in my life and an ever-comforting encouragement when I need it most. I truly treasure these moments.

But what if there’s something disappointing in it?

So far, praise God, that hasn’t happened yet! I’ve only ever received an ever-increasing love from readers for Finockt’s tale, but, as I mentioned in the acknowledgements section of The Lost King’s Daughter, if there is anything beautiful, inspiring, transportive, or good within this novel, it is because God Himself bestowed it. If there is anything disappointing, I claim the blunder and errancy all as my own.

To God be the Glory for all He has done…both for me and for the book you now hold in your hands. The Lost King’s Daughter is a continual, beautiful reminder and yet another means of witness to the fact that God truly is merciful, gracious, forgiving, and loving. He gives hope to His children at just the right moment in time when we need it most, and my journey speaks greatly of this. I hope hearing this somehow encourages your heart as well.

What do you hope now?

I hope that Finockt’s story will enthrall many more readers, and that you’ll want to share her story with all your friends and family! I also hope the reader will glean from its pages some spiritual insight-no matter how subtle. Readers have shared they very much enjoyed the spiritual message hidden within Book 1 (a message which only grows stronger throughout the series and is more overtly seen in Books 2 and 3). They have also shared with me spiritual truths I didn’t know I had written, which further proves that when you entrust to the Lord everything you do, you cannot do anything but praise the Lord through all your work, even if you don’t realize you’re doing it at the time! How awesome is that?

If you, too, sense this is true after your reading of Book 1 of Finockt’s story, and you have found spiritual messages that spoke to you, please drop me a line and let me know!

The Reader’s Turn:

are you Eager to read the Heir?

I hope you are still very much looking forward to reading the next installment of my YA medieval Christian fantasy series, In the Shadow of Emerald Fire: The Heir! Just as a reminder, The Heir ebook is available on preorder and will be delivered to your kindle library on April 30th! The paperback is slated for release the following day on May 1st! A fitting time, as this is my birthday month! And what better way to celebrate than with the release of Book 2! Yay!

Truly Love Ebooks?

If you truly love ebooks, check out the QR code below to preorder The Heir today!!!

Want to join the adventure?

It’s not too late! Purchase The Lost King’s Daughter in ebook or paperback format on Amazon, purchase the paperback format at my Store, or read it for free if you live locally! Find it at Dayton Metro Library and its sister libraries, or New Carlisle Public Library, which also serves Tipp City and Troy!

In Conclusion

Keep checking back with me! I plan on finishing out my Random Story Facts segment for The Lost King’s Daughter! And I also have some cool posts to share with you, one of which is regarding a potential improvised means of having an audiobook of my series! All with a swipe! I’ll be posting that very soon!

Until next time…thank you so much for spending part of your day or evening with me and visiting this page! And may the love and light God has given you shine forth brightly from your heart and beat back the darkness of this world! God bless xoxo

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