Copyright Registration for The Heir

Dear Friend,

This is it! Copyright registration for The Heir has officially happened, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! (I know, I’m using this word a lot, but it just fits!!). Such a nerve-wracking process, and yet, now that this is my second time wading through the terrors of copyright registration, I can finally, completely say “it’s done!”

Was it easy?

I must confess, this venture was more than a bit of a nightmare, despite the fact that I had a very reliable and very helpful step-by-step resource! The copyright registration process itself went swimmingly. Alas, it was the payment of the application that sent me spiraling into a two-hour long nightmare of chaos!

how did it happen?

With two simple words: “Back” button. Upon initiating the copyright registration application, I was strictly warned never to use the “Back” button under any circumstances, which I dutifully followed…until everything fell apart under the payment system. As soon as I progressed to payment, the payment system crashed, leaving me no other alternative than to hit the forbidden “Back” button in order to return to my copyright home page. Alas, what they foretold was true. I lost everything! Despite searching high and lo, I couldn’t, for the life of me, find where my copyright registration for The Heir had gone!

So, chin up, I set to work completing another application, and this time, due to user error, I lost this application as well. At a loss of what to do next, I filled out a form email request for tech support…this crashed, too. Then I ended up remembering I knew someone there. So, I promptly wrote them with a plea for aid, and then set to searching again for both non-existent applications.

How did I feel?

To say the least, I was a bit defeated. A myriad of doubts and wild scenarios ran through my mind about continuing, or perhaps just saving it for another day. So, I stopped, and I prayed (which I should have done at the first sign of trouble!) and gave the entire thing up to the Lord. I am so grateful I did! He heard my prayer and answered it! Twenty minutes later, I found both applications for The Heir in an obscure file, and after some further trial and error, I was able to determine which application I wanted to keep, was able to delete the other, and then proceed to payment, which thankfully worked this time without a hitch, as did uploading my manuscript! What’s more? I heard back from my contact at the copyright division, and he so sweetly gave me the direct contact information for their tech support. Now, I can contact them with any technical issues at any time!

What followed?

With copyright registration fully squared away, I can now send The Heir off to the formatter’s for formatting! It has been such a relief to have the copyright in place and officially registered! So exciting!

Now what?

I shall update you soon regarding how things are progressing with the formatter! This news I cannot wait to share with you either! As I mentioned before, I hope you are as excited about the progression of The Heir’s journey to publication as I am!

Know that I shall be eagerly awaiting our next visit together in which I shall share with you how the manuscript formatting is going!

Until next time…I pray you have a glorious night or morning wherever you may be! God bless. xoxo

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