Black Friday ebook sale reminder!

Black Friday Ebook Sale Reminder!

Black Friday Ebook Sale Reminder!

I am a girl who is always looking for a bargain when and where I can, and I suspect, as a reader, you love a good book sale, too, am I right?

So, I just wanted to share a reminder that the first-ever Black Friday Ebook Sale for The Lost King’s Daughter is going on now at Amazon! It’s set to end tomorrow, November, 25th. Original ebook price was $4.99. Now on sale for $1.99!!

The Lost King’s Daughter bears a unique voice not found in today’s literature and is a heavily inspired Celtic fantasy, which means it incorporates all the cultural influences of my ancestors: English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and Breton.

If you’re missing the old-world charm of classically-inspired writing, then you’ll love this book! My goal was to fashion my prose after those books I enjoyed reading when I was a kid. Many of the authors I loved in my childhood were, purely by happenstance, British authors. It is my hope you’ll find The Lost King’s Daughter as inspiring a read for you and your family, in much the same way that I found my favorite authors’ books inspiring when I was growing up!

So, come see for yourself why so many readers are finding their own happy “escape” in The Lost King’s Daughter and are longing to return to Finockt’s world when Book 1 ends! Grab your copy today to join the adventure and be swept away on a medieval adventure set in a fantastical version of the UK!

A fun fact: Book 2 is in the final stages of editing and is slated for release in March of 2024!! Read The Lost King’s Daughter and get caught up before Finockt sets out on her next adventure!

Wishing you many hours of suspenseful and immersive page turning! And happy shopping!

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