Book 2 Releases TOMORROW!

Book 2 Arrives Tomorrow!

Dear Friend,

Book 2 Releases TOMORROW!

Ahhhhh, so crazy how I almost thought this day would never actually arrive! But I can finally say it: TOMORROW! The Heir arrives in PAPERBACK TOMORROW!!!!! Whoo-hoo!! Who’s with me?! LOL.

Here’s the final sneak peek into what you can further expect from The Heir!

Ever loyal to her father’s quest, Finockt has made her decision, for the best of all those she holds dear. But sometimes, even the best intentions can end with dire consequences, as it does for Finockt. Her plan fails, Tirell’s forces advance, and she and Gwri are captured, leaving them fighting for more than love. What’s worse? Finockt’s greatest fear materializes-she can no longer protect the cross from the hand of the enemy.

Will she and Gwri escape the clutches of Tirell, or will they die trying? Who will live to claim the cross? Who will rule Thorlóthlon?

An epic battle ensues. Will Finockt lose every person she loves?

Find out TOMORROW when The Heir releases in PAPERBACK!!! Eeeek!

Despite the darker themes, I do hope you enjoy this ongoing segment of Finockt’s story! It is replete with lots of sword clashing, battle-action drama! But it still retains the beauty and the descriptive quality of The Lost King’s Daughter-perhaps in a slightly different manner-but it’s still present! : )

Can’t wait for you to read it! Hope you’re looking forward to getting your hands on The Heir, as much as I am! My author copy arrives May 1st! I can’t wait!

I have to say it again! Book 2 releases TOMORROW! Here’s a quick link to get you to Amazon, so you can read the official book description for yourself!

Until next time, dear friend…I hope you are itching to get started on this second installment of my YA medieval Christian fantasy trilogy, In the Shadow of Emerald Fire! God bless xoxo

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