LCCN for The Heir

Dear Friend,

You may be asking yourself, what is the significance of the writer posting something so insanely boring, as an LCCN for The Heir?

Because, dear friend, for the writer, these four letters–LCCN– are something extraordinarily exciting!

You ask me now, what does this acronym stand for? So, I shall tell you. It stands for the Library of Congress Control Number. But before you scoff, I shall further tell you of the deeper meaning behind the receipt of this special number. For, in receiving it, each of my books now has more distinction set upon it. How so? Because this one little 10-digit number (with usually a 2-character prefix that is often blank) allows libraries to better catalog my books upon their shelves. It is easier for them to classify and list my book amongst all the others.

This, dear friend, is why I was so ecstatic to see my LCCN for The Heir approved for placement on my copyright page! And so, hopefully, such excitement now extends to you!

Continue to keep a weather eye out! For there is much more to come regarding The Heir’s arduous journey toward publication. It has been quite a wild adventure! And there is yet the final Random Story Facts segment–Part 3–still to come, which is just some very random, but very interesting, story facts that struck me as particularly fascinating and of potential interest to readers and/or fans of The Lost King’s Daughter!

If you missed the previous Random Story Facts segments, and you would like to read them, check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here. They do not need to be read in any particular order, as each one is literally random! I hope you enjoy them, and they give you a little behind-the-scenes action into The Lost King’s Daughter!

Until next time…may the wind in the trees be your lullaby and the stars your soft night’s light. God bless xoxo.

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