Book 2’s Countdown!

Book 2's Countdown!

Dear Friend,

How long a wait it has been for me, but now I may finally announce the news that The Heir’s release is ONE week from today! Let Book 2’s countdown begin! Hooray!

A deep, heartfelt thank you!

You have been so faithful to share with me your love and excitement for the beginning of Finockt’s story, such that I cannot wait to share with you its sequel in the trilogy! And yet, all the same, I confess my excitement is waylaid by a bit of trepidation! Although my editor is certain you will love The Heir as much as you have The Lost King’s Daughter, I can’t help but feel slightly more than a little nervous! I suppose this is normal!

You may ask me why I feel this way, and I would tell you perhaps this fear only stems from the fact that the next leg of Finockt’s adventure is so much more harrowing than the first! And because so many things happen that you might not expect! I wonder very much…will the events found within Book 2 thrill you to the core, or will you be aghast at the outcome of the story?!

What then shall the outcome be?

Only you can tell me the secrets of your heart and what all that entails! I do so wish you would, dear friend! I imagine our discourse as bosom friends giggling over the latest effects of a story or tale we’ve heard and love and cannot wait to share with each other!

This may sound odd to you, but, by God’s grace, I am somehow able to disconnect myself from the book entirely. For you, and for me, I am but a reader myself, connected wholly to you through Finockt’s story! Her story brings us together, and I hope her quest enchants your soul, as it does mine!

Do you feel this way?

Another odd feeling perhaps, but her story stirs up within me a deep nostalgia…for what I do not know. A land and a place I cannot reach? An era I cannot enjoy? The excitement, thrill, and romanticism of a time long past? Again, I ponder the possibilities and yet come no closer to a solid conclusion. And so, it is at times like these that I confess all to you, knowing that I may count upon our friendship to secure the bonds between us and give me allowance to write to you so very openly and freely, somehow knowing you will reciprocate these sentiments exactly!

In truth, only a kindred spirit would know and understand that of which I speak. I pray tell that be you, if you are but reading this missive just now!

The sequel!

I do hope to share with you much more regarding Book 2! There is one quote in particular by Gwri that I cannot wait to show you! He makes me smile every time I think on him! I never dreamed he would capture your heart the way he has, and it makes me a bit giddy to think he has stolen the show as the heartthrob! I almost feel sorry for the other characters bound within Finockt’s world! Do you have a favorite character from The Lost King’s Daughter? Is Gwri your favorite, too? You shall have to tell me if he is!

Alas, I shall not share Gwri’s quote with you today. Instead, I shall leave you with this: that Book 2 carries strong themes of sacrifice and redemption and is replete with adventure, escape, following your heart, defying the odds, unfolding secrets, unveiling mysteries, trusting the Lord, sword fights, and of course, the battle for the throne!

Are you excited?

I hope you are looking forward to The Heir, as much as I am! It is such a strange concept to have the privilege of releasing another book! And indeed it is a privilege! My joy shall be that you would enjoy Book 2 even more than you have Book 1-The Lost King’s Daughter!

If you haven’t read Book 1 already, there’s still time to read it before Book 2 makes its debut in the world! Find it here on Amazon or at my store! Pleasant reading!

Or if you’re interested in a modified version of an audiobook, check out this possibility while you’re waiting for the actual book! Find it here.

I hope you enjoyed Book 2’s countdown!

Until next time…I am on pins and needles with the anticipation of setting The Heir in your hands! God bless xoxo

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