Book 2’s Countdown continues!

Dear Friend,

Book 2’s Countdown continues!

We’ve only 3 days left until the PAPERBACK releases! Ahhhh, I can’t wait!

Here’s another sneak peek into what you can expect from The Heir!

Finockt sets out for the Highlands with the help of a friend, only to discover more than she bargained for. Secrets abound! Secrets she never thought were possible. What else is the Northerner hiding?

Further insight into her past reveals more pain, and the act of wading through the emotions of the past, present, and future are almost more than Finockt can bear. How can she make it through? Can the weak faith she holds in the God she has known since childhood become something stronger? Can God forgive her for this weakness and lack of trust?

The Highlands continue to offer her still more when a companion she never thought she’d see again comes back to her with the help of another friend. Finockt rejoices in this reunion but realizes saving Thorlóthlon must take priority. She concocts a simple plan to save them all, but will she be able to follow through? Or will the enemy strike before she’s able to achieve her goal?

Are you ready for the adventure?

Are you even more excited now?

Sacrifice, faith, and redemption are big themes in this 2nd installment of In the Shadow of Emerald Fire! And you’ll find some of my favorite Scripture verses unveiled in The Heir! I hope I have done them justice. My aim was to weave Scripture into The Heir’s telling with purpose and appropriateness.

I love books where God is an inherent part of the story because He’s so inherently part of the author’s daily life. I think this makes a difference in storytelling no matter how subtle.

Thus, you will find this strongly reflected in my series, In the Shadow of Emerald Fire, written to provide you, the reader, with (hopefully) quality storytelling in combination with authentic inclusions of Scripture. While Book 1-The Lost King’s Daughter is lighter in terms of overt expression of our faith in God, I did include it with a stronger emphasis (as it wholly fit the theme and continuing saga of Finockt’s story) in Book 2-The Heir! It is my hope you, as the reader, can attest to this in my writing as well!

The countdown continues!

I look forward to revisiting with you soon for the remainder of Book 2’s Countdown Continues! and revealing more sneak peeks into the unfolding plethora of secrets and mysteries surrounding The Heir!

There’s still time!

Still want to get in on the adventure before The Heir releases on Tuesday in ebook format and Wednesday in paperback?! Skip over to Amazon and order The Lost King’s Daughter in ebook or paperback. Or preorder the ebook format of Book 2-The Heir before the window closes tomorrow night!

Until next time, dear friend…I pray you take solace in the fact that God above is watching over each and every one of us. God bless xoxo

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