Book 2’s Countdown Continues!

Book 2's Countdown continues!

Dear Friend,

Book 2’s Countdown continues! Eeek!

5 days left until The Heir’s release of the PAPERBACK!!!

Does this leave you as giddy with anticipation as it does me?

Darker themes abound in this sequel to my YA medieval Christian fantasy trilogy, In the Shadow of Emerald Fire!

The quest for Thorlóthlon’s heir still haunts Finockt. She isn’t so sure he doesn’t exist. But time is against her. Tirell’s forces are closing in. Coinneach shuns the aid of the one man her father fully trusted-Malise, a hermit who lives in seclusion in the rugged, barren Highlands. Though determined to find him, Finockt struggles with her choice. Is it right to go against her grandfather’s wishes and procure the aid Thorlóthlon so desperately needs? Why is doing the right thing always so complicated?

Eek! I hope that whets your appetite and gives you a glimpse into what to expect from Book 2-The Heir!

Stay tuned!

There’s more to come in the countdown to The Heir’s release! I hope you continue to visit with me to discover more about what’s coming in Book 2!

Haven’t Started the Adventure yet?

You’ve still got time to catch up! Read Book 1-The Lost King’s Daughter on Amazon or purchase it from my store! You can still preorder Book 2-The Heir in ebook on Amazon! Have it ready and waiting in your kindle library for when you finish Book 1-The Lost King’s Daughter! Don’t forget! Kindle books make great improvised audiobooks when you’re in a pinch, or you’re waiting for the real deal to come out from me! : )

Thank you!

Thank you for spending part of your day visiting with me! I’ve loved having you here! I hope Book 2’s Countdown Continues! has you eager for more sneak peeks into Finockt’s continuing story! I can’t wait to see you in the next countdown!

See you soon!

Until next time…may God bless your night with sweet sleep and peace and fill your days with the bounty of His blessings and goodness! xoxo

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