Modified Audiobook?

Dear Friend,

Modified Audiobook?

My excitement grows as I reflect on what a fellow GHC (Great Homeschool Convention) attendee shared with me a couple of weeks ago!

At the convention, we got to chatting about life, ancestry, and eventually, books-of course!! 🙂 He asked me if I had an audiobook available, which is something several attendees had asked me about, and I was sorry to say that I don’t…yet! But here’s where it gets interesting…

What do you mean…interesting?

Like super fun interesting! My lack of audiobook left this attendee with the opportunity to share with me that, while I may not have an actual audiobook to share with you yet, I still have a modified version of one!

How so?

Based on the fact that if you own a kindle book, you automatically have an audiobook! What?! No! Mind blown! Repeatedly! Lol. But how? How is this possible, you ask? I asked the same thing!! And I’m excited to say, it’s waay easier than I ever dreamed!

Like, how easy?

Like, super easy! If you have a cell phone, the kindle app on your phone, and your favorite kindle book (ebook) on the app, then you’re all set!

Okay, but how do I access this modified audiobook?

The steps are simple! Open the kindle app on your phone, pull up your preferred kindle book (ebook), and then swipe down from the top of your phone ( swipe down from the center) with 2 fingers! What happens next is incredible! The app starts reading your ebook for you! Eek! So cool!

How good is it?

Surprisingly, it’s pretty good! Even though Amazon’s AI is reading your ebook for you, it’s not bad to the ear! I only got to hear a portion of a book being read when the kind man from the GHC took the time to share this with me, but it’s definitely a potential option…in my book anyway! (pun intended! haha). While it won’t be exactly the same as having a real-life narrator read my book for you, it could definitely be a great improv!

The best thing about this potential audiobook option is that the gentleman from the GHC said that Amazon’s AI will read the foreign words for you as well! Now, the fantasy language in my book is an actual real Celtic language (Breton), but it isn’t spoken except by a few hundred people because, like all Celtic languages, it’s a dying language. I am hopeful, though, that Amazon might pull through for me on this and read the Breton well for you! You’ll have to let me know, as I haven’t had the opportunity to test it out myself!

Does this mean you won’t do a real audiobook?

Absolutely not! I still plan on creating the “real deal” sometime in the near future! Other indie publishers have shared with me that finding a narrator who can handle the Breton phrases might prove quite difficult, however, I have a potential trick or two up my sleeve! We’ll see how that pans out! I have faith! It’ll work!

In the meantime, however, I am hoping this news (which may be “old hat” to you!) provides you with a “quick fix” while you wait for me to provide you with a professional audiobook!

In all honesty, I was pretty excited about this potential modified version of an audiobook for you and am hopeful this might fit your needs, as I would like you to be able to enjoy The Lost King’s Daughter and The Heir in whatever format fits you best! If audiobook is it, then I truly hope this helps you!

Do you have ebook versions of your books So I can listen to the story unfold?

Happily, yes! I do! You may find Book 1 here on Amazon and/or you may preorder Book 2 here!

Again, I do hope this helps fulfill the potential need you may have for an improvised audiobook version of my books!

Thank you for visiting with me and reading my news! I appreciate your stopping by!

If you do happen to test out one of my ebooks in the modified audiobook format, let me know your honest opinion of how well it works! I’d love to share a real reader’s findings with others!

Until next time, dear friend, I hope you have a pleasant day or evening wherever you may be! God bless xoxo

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