Merry Christmas! It’s finally here! The best Christmas Sale ever!

Amazon paperback sale!

Merry Christmas! It’s finally here! The best Christmas Sale ever!

THIS is the sale I’ve literally been waiting all year to talk about! It’s probably a weird concept to think I’ve had this sale planned since January 2023–long before I actually hit publish on my very first novel! But it’s true! I even created my IG reel way back in January of this year.

But enough of that! Let’s talk about The Lost King’s Daughter!

The sale

Another sale?! YES! YES!!!! Who doesn’t love the feel of a real book in their hands? Regular paperback pricing on Amazon is $18.24, but The Lost King’s Daughter paperback is now on sale for $15.49! (Please be aware per Amazon’s unspoken “policy” for authors, I use a universal book link that brings you to a webpage where all storefronts where The Lost King’s Daughter may be purchased are available for perusal! Once you click on Amazon, it will just direct you to your regular Amazon hub, where you can purchase my book for yourself or as a gift!).

extra options!

I’m also selling my paperback on my website at my store for the same sale price as on Amazon if you’d like to purchase a signed copy! Once you’ve made your purchase, just email me at, and let me know to whom you would like your paperback copy of The Lost King’s Daughter addressed! The first THREE friends who purchase from my website store will receive a unique cross-shaped charm for FREE with their book purchase! This inspiring charm pairs beautifully with a sparkly silver chain (check out Hobby Lobby for 50% off discounts in their jewelry department!), or you can loop it on a bracelet or hang it from a keychain or backpack clip! This charm would be great as a stocking stuffer!

You might also be interested to know that a special hardcover collector’s edition of The Lost King’s Daughter is available in my store, complete with a beautiful, glossy, full-color dust jacket cover! If you are an over-the-top book lover and/or a book collector (or you know of one!), this is a rare find! A first edition, this hardcover version of The Lost King’s Daughter stems from a small print-run I purchased from a small printing firm just outside Atlanta, Georgia, well-known for its beautiful books, quality work, and detailed craftsmanship! I don’t plan on printing any more. So, if you’re interested in a collectible, stop by my store and take a peek!

final thoughts

Whew, that’s it! Thanks for sticking with me throughout all these details, and I hope you found this post exciting and a good deal during this chaotic Christmas season! It was my goal to offer the best price I could, so you could bring The Lost King’s Daughter home to your couch, nightstand, or bookshelf and catch up on Finockt’s story before Book 2 releases in March of 2024!

Some considerations

If you would still like to read my first book, however you don’t feel able to make a purchase at this time, stop by your local library and make a request for The Lost King’s Daughter to enter your library, where you can then read it for FREE for however long you want and however many times you want!


Again, I hope this sale makes your Christmas a little more special, affordable, and bright, as we look forward to celebrating Christmas and embracing a renewed hope in a future only Christ can provide!

God bless, and wishing you many hours of happy, cozy reading moments wherever you might be!

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